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All the action happens in the outfield! Well, not really. But a heck of a lot of it does, especially when you get beyond T-Ball and into the early stages of true youth play. The hitters are getting better at this stage and many can poke a sharp ground ball through the infield, where LOTS of balls tend to miss gloves, and make their way to the outfield. And you’ll also be seeing some fly balls, pop ups and even line drives.

Kids generally view outfield as a demotion, which it isn’t. Coaches often put some of their best players in the outfield. I know personally that we would joke around on the bench, saying “most balls wind up there anyway, so put Johnny and his speed and slick glove in center.” Bottom line is balls find their way through what can be a porous infield, and many kids will be driving the ball straight out there. So it’s anything but a demotion, and it’s an area of the field that kids need to learn if they want to become well-rounded players.

As we build up our catalog of FREE youth baseball drills and videos, we’re starting today with some more basics…like “how to catch a ball.” Let’s take a look at a couple basic outfield drills for youth players…

How to Catch a Fly Ball / Pop-Up (Beginner)


How to Read Fly Balls Better (Beginner – Intermediate)

Now get out there, have fun and be the black hole where fly balls go to die!


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