GenerationBaseball – Monday Lineup for the Week of December 12th, 2016


Happy Monday, Youth Baseball Nation!

Today is December 12th, 2016. We are 61 days away from Spring Training!

Here’s a look at what’s coming up this week on GenerationBaseball…

Tuesday, December 13th: In our “Turn Two For Tuesday” post this week, we’re going to cover catcher’s gear. If your youth baseball player has dreams of wearing “the tools of ignorance, we’ll break down how to find affordable gear that gets the job done.

Wednesday, December 14th: Our “The Hump” segment this week, as always, is all about pitching. We’ll talk about one of the easiest drills out there to teach your young ace how to extend and follow through on his delivery. This is probably going to be completely free (I assume you have this one simple “tool” lying around the house, probably in your kitchen) and takes just five minutes a day!

Thursday, December 15th: In our “Deep Dive” post of the week, we’re going to focus on how to play the outfield. We’ll talk about one of the most common mistakes youth players make and how to fix it. Plus, as always, we’ll throw some fascinating physics your way to help you understand the game a wee bit better.

Friday, December 16th: “Friday Fun Day!” Who knows what will pop up…a video, a pic, an app. Friday is all about fun. Tune in and see what we have in store.

Saturday, December 17th: “Dingers and Stingers” this week will explode the myth about batting practice, and why most hitting coaches and drills actually do more harm than good. This will change the way you view hitting forever…guaranteed!

Sunday, December 18th: Sunday is reserved for reviews here on GenerationBaseball. We’ll give an in-depth review of anything and everything related to baseball…from training aids and gear to books, movies, games, apps…you name it, we’ll review it!

Check in often this week and don’t miss a base!

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