Over the Hump Wednesday – Pitching Drills to Increase Strike Percentage


Last week in Over the Hump Wednesday, we covered some thoughts/exercises/drills that can help young pitchers throw with more velocity. As I mentioned in that post, younger players are obsessed with how hard they throw. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s just kids being kids, and it’s kind of hard to impress a 10 year old with how effectively you can paint the corners. 🙂

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But I did mention in that post that anyone who’s even a halfway student of the game knows that pitching is all about controlling real estate and keeping the hitter off balance. So we’re changing gars (excuse the pun) this week and covering a few drills that should help increase accuracy and your strike percentage along with it. Of course these aren’t the be all and end all drills. There are tons of others, and rest assured, we’ll bring them to you. But what we want to do is fill your practice quiver with as many arrows as we can. Then you can pick and choose which ones to take “into battle.”

So without further ado, three drills to increase your strike-throwing percentage…

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