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Pitching is one of those positions where you’re not only going to hear and see mountains of different viewpoints and information, but is also one where not everyone, and not every age group, is going to benefit from instruction. Obviously, if your child is currently just starting T-Ball, pitching drills won’t be of much use. BUT, for everyone else, even if you don’t aspire to a pitching career, there ARE skills that translate. And if your player is on the fence (it’s been my experience that at least half the kids on any given team want to at least TRY it for an inning or two), these drills will help make those first few outings hopefully more successful. So let’s start with the basics. Take it away, “youngins” (and coaches)…

The “One-Knee Drill” (Beginner)


The “Balance Drill” | The “Ball Pickup” Drill | Intro to the “Wall Drill” (Beginner – Intermediate)

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Practice at home kids, parents and coaches. Hum that thing in there!


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