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Rookies App | Create and Print Baseball Cards | GenerationBaseball.comI came across a very cool app the other day that I think every coach, definitely, and every parent, maybe, should absolutely go snag right now. It’s called Rookies. It’s free, and it allows you to create really cool looking baseball cards using your own pictures of your future big leaguer.

I love this app!!

How Does Rookies Work?

Rookies App | Create and Print Baseball Cards | GenerationBaseball.comSuper simple. You know all those pictures you have of your son or daughter decked out in their finest baseball gear? Simply fire up the app, choose a card template, choose one of those aforementioned clips, and bam! Baseball card.

You can enter their name, team name, position, and a bunch of other stuff on the back. You’re only limited by your creativity.

Once you’re finished, you can save the card to your camera role, post it on social media or, and this is the really cool part (and the ONLY part that costs money), order a pack of cards complete with the old-style “bubble gum wrapping.”

The app is free, but ordering the package of 20 cards will run you around $13 as of this writing.

Rookies App | Create and Print Baseball Cards | GenerationBaseball.comWhat’s really cool about this is that one could envision printing up a pack of cards for your team if you’re a coach. The minimum order is 20, so if you don’t have 20 kids on your team, and who does, I’d fill those slots with a team picture, maybe a coach’s picture…heck, throw in a particularly helpful parent or two. You’re only limited by your imagination. (I’ve heard of some people using these as business cards, which is super cool! But that’s up to you.)

Anyhoo, on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being a lingering quad injury that keeps you out of the seventh game of the World Series, and 5 being a bottom of the 17th walk off home run that leaves not just the field, but the stadium, I give this one a screaming line drive over the fence that plates two when you’re down by one in the bottom of the ninth. Get this and enjoy a Gatorade bath.

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