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Welcome to Turn Two for Tuesday where we cover the intricacies of playing infield positions. This is also the beginning of our Youth Baseball Drills Library. We’re going to expand on this nearly every day, with the hope that it will soon become a “one-stop shop” of drills you can use with your kids to teach the fundamentals of the game and beyond. So let’s dive in…

Keeping Practice Interesting

One of the things coaches really have to pay attention to is keeping practices fun and interesting. And that means movement. Having one kid field a ground ball while everyone else is standing around isn’t very fun. What I like about this drill is that it’s super basic for beginning players (but reinforces good habits for those with more experience), while “keeping the line moving.” Take a look. Super simple…

Now, I might change that drill up a bit by making the players move from side to side a bit more, AND perhaps tossing the ball a bit harder, but you’ll have to judge that based on how far along your kids are. That’s a good basic drill that keeps everyone engaged for most of the time it’s going on.

Here’s another. This one is SUPER basic…for T-Ball players maybe, but not much beyond that. This is for kids just learning the game, but hey, we try and cover all age ranges here.

So those are going to be our two new additions — our FIRST ADDITIONS! — to the GenerationBaseball Youth Baseball Drills Library. Let us know what you think, and chime in with suggestions for what we should cover next.


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